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Concorde French Language Publications

Short Stories

Enjoy reading good French with our short stories. Written especially for readers of our magazines, these varied and very enjoyable stories all have a French connection. They are written in clear straightforward French and have keyword translations so that you can enjoy them with little or no reference to a dictionary.

Each individual purchase comprises a "book" of 3 stories. With their attractive colour illustrations, the "books" will be emailed to you as PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files within one working day. Each story is about 1,000 words long.

The price of the first of our "books" is only £2.40.

First Book of Short Stories

Three very varied stories
La maison dans la forêt
Les secrets du Pont du Gard
L'après-midi de Madame Laurier

Note: We will be adding frequently to our on-line librarie. New additions will be announced via Le Petit Journal.