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First Book of Short Stories

Three very varied stories: La maison dans la forêt, Les secrets du Pont du Gard, L'après-midi de Madame Laurier

The First Compendium

Relax and enjoy some French word games - and strengthen your vocabulary at the same time

Tuez Le Dragon 1

Familiarize yourself with relative pronouns (qui, que, dont, auquel, duquel, etc) which are invaluable in providing the links between the different parts of sentences

Tuez Le Dragon 2

Master once and for all those aspects of the agreement of the past participle that the perfect and pluperfect tenses require. The rules of agreement when using either avoir or être as the auxilliary verb are covered, as are those concerning reflexive verbs.

Tuez Le Dragon 3

Know how to choose between the perfect and imperfect tenses, learn how to use the very useful pluperfect tense (which is much easier than is often thought), etc.