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Tuez Le Dragon 2

Master once and for all those aspects of the agreement of the past participle that the perfect and pluperfect tenses require. The rules of agreement when using either avoir or être as the auxilliary verb are covered, as are those concerning reflexive verbs.

La Vie Outre-Manche Binder

This La Vie Outre-Manche binder take 12 magazines.

Manon des sources

Marcel Pagnol

Portraits san importance

Jacques Filleux

Lettres de mon moulin

Alphonse Daudet

Boule de Suif

Guy De Maupassant

Les chiffres en français

Master French numbers with our simple but effective number-learning pack. The pack also includes advice on the pronunciation of French numbers. Includes accompanying CD

Jacques Damour

Emile Zole

Un Coeur simple

Gustave Flaubert

Les Forceurs de blocus

Jules Verne

Une ressemblance très étonnante

The arrival of a first grandchild provokes some rivalries between families.

Une bonne indispensable

The lady of the house is faced with the demands of a rebellious maid.